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What is Square Dancing?
Won't people laugh at me?
What are lessons like?
What will I learn in lessons?
What if I don't have a partner?
Why do I have to take lessons?
What if I'm "directionally challenged" (don't know my right from my left)?
What happens after lessons, during graduation?
Is there life after lessons?
Do I have to wear those funny clothes?
Do I have to join a square dance club?

 What is Square Dancing?

- Square Dancing is eight people in a square formation moving around and through that square walking to the beat of the music and in accordance to the directions of the caller.

 Won't people laugh at me?

- They might but then they might not know what they're missing until you let them know the benefits:
Dancing all the tips at a square dance has been shown to be the equivalent of walking 5 miles. (And you have so much fun doing it you don't even realize you have exercised that much!)
Square Dancing has been shown to improve memory.
Typically square dancers live longer. While square dancing is fun for grade school ages and up, it is common to find dancers in their early 80's still dancing and having a great time. Music includes all genres: Country/Western, Easy Listening, Rock n' Roll, Classical, etc.
Square Dancing is referred to as "Friendship set to Music." You will meet people who become life-long friends.

 What are lessons like?

- You will be paired with an "angel" (someone who knows how to square dance) to help you with the lessons. You will be in a square with others who are learning and will learn together. You will dance 15 to 20 minutes with 5 to 10 minute breaks in between for the duration of the lesson time.

 What will I learn in the lessons?

- You will learn the moves and terms associated with the calls used by the caller. You will be square dancing the first night. You will also learn the general rules and etiquette around square dancing.

 What if I don't have a partner?

- A partner is not a must. There are dancers available to dance with you.

 Why do I have to take lessons?

- If you have square danced in the past and would like a refresher, lessons are a great way to review. If you have never been exposed to square dancing, you will learn new terminology and moves that require those dancing with you to all understand and do the same moves.

 What if I'm "directionally challenged" (don't know my left from my right)?

- We can help with that! Most of the time you will know which hand to use based on the flow of the dancing.

 What happens after lessons, during graduation?

- During graduation, you will be dancing all the calls you have learned. You will be celebrating with your fellow new dancers and all the angels who helped you.

 Is there life after lessons?

- After lessons you are ready to attend and dance a regular club dance.

 Do I have to wear those funny clothes?

- The men usually wear long-sleeved shirts and jeans. Women usually wear prairie skirts (long skirts) or square dance skirts. It is a choice.

 Do I have to join a Square Dance club?

- Joining a club is a choice. You do not have to be a member of a club to dance with them.

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All Rebels activities are at the Lions Club on NW10th (4135 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107). Guest and Visitors - $5.00    Members - Free
We dance MS, Plus Dance & Lines
We dance to various local callers.
Our website is www.SwingingRebelsOKC.org
We have been dancing continuously since 1960

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