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Image of Ken and Suzanne Morris - SR President 2019
President 2019 - Ken and Suzanne Morris

Image of Britt & Carmen Stafford - SR Vice-President 2019
Vice President 2019 - Britt andCarmen Stafford

Image of Pam Goodman with Danny - SR Secretary 2019
Secretary 2019 - Pam Goodman with Danny

Image of Tom and Sandi McGivney - SR Treasurer 2019
Treasurer 2019 -  Tom and Sandi McGivney

Image of Art and Stephanie Wojczynski - SR Delegate 2019
Delegate 2019 -  Art and Stephanie Wojczynski

Image of Carol and Jordan Reeder - SR Delegate 2019
Delegate 2019 -  Carol and Jordan Reeder
Swinging Rebels Constitution PDF document
Constitution - Updated May, 2018

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All Rebels activities are at the St Johns Episcopal Church, 5401 N Brookline, Oklahoma City, OK
All activities are free.
We dance MS, Plus Dance & Lines
Our caller is Mr Cecil Burton
Our website is www.SwingingRebelsOKC.org
We have been dancing continuously since 1960

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Come for a Swinging time with the Rebels

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