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This page contains the Accessibility Policies for http://SwingingRebelsOKC.org. We follow the guidelines contained in the Federal Government's section 508 amendment to the rehabilitation act of 1973 that makes electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. This compliance is voluntary and in our best judgement, we believe we have achieved this goal. In addition to providing quality content, the Swinging Rebels want your experience on our site to be a pleasant one. Here are a few of the items and techniques that you may not be aware of during your visit.


* Contrast: The Swinging Rebels club colors are red and white. We recently remade our club dresses from a red horseshoe print (similar to the marginal page background) with blue accents. So, the main body of the page is Blue(#1d3b7a) with White (#ffffff) lettering. This color combination provides a normal contrast ratio is: 10.72:1 (which is really good for everyday viewing and color blindness).

* Resizing Text: Font is a San Serif font. The relative size is adjustable.
For example, when using Chrome:
'cntl and +' increases the font size while 'cntl and -' decreases the font size

* Layout: The pages are laid-out using style sheets and HTML. Knowing that some of our readers will use their own style sheets or ignore styles altogether...the pages are clean and 'linearize' to facilitate screen readers.

* Content: Our documents are spell-checked for accuracy.

* Links: Our links make sense out-of-context. For example, we have replaced 'Click here' with 'Here is the Newspaper article' or 'View the 2014 New Year Party Pictures'.

* Structure: All pages on this site use structured semantic markup. H2 tags are used for main titles, H3 tags for subtitles. This arrangement allows a JAWS screen reader to easily skip to the next section of a page by pressing ALT+INSERT+3.

Access Keys

To the best of our ability, we have tried to provide access keys on our main navigation. Using these hotkeys, it is possible to navigate the entire site from the keyboard. Look for a bolder or underlined letter in a link (i.e. Links <== the L is bolder). This letter in combination with a 'function' key particular to your browser, should result in the same action had you clicked the command. If you are using Chrome, then our access keys would be:

Home: Alt + H
Calendar: Alt + R
Contacts: Alt + C
Newsletters: Alt + N
About Us: Alt + U
FAQ: Alt + Q
Links: Alt + L
Top Of Page: Alt + O
Non-working image of the Main navigation of SwingingRebelsOKC.org showing underlined AccessKeys
Non-working example of the Rebels main navigation showing the underlined access keys.


When printing a page...
* All navigation and ads are removed.
* Margins expanded to utilize all the paper.
* Links have been exposed meaning the web addresses print instead of the link (i.e. http:www.swingingrebelsokc.org vs. "Home")
* Background colors have been removed.


All images have been optimized for size while providing for clear quality. The images themselves have an ALT tag with a description where appropriate. You can view this description by hovering the mouse over the image.


Again, should be an ALT tag with a description of the video. Hovering over the video with the pointer will present the description.


Some of our information such as our Newsletters require Adobe PDF reader. A convenient link has been provided to download this reader if you need it.


We tried to keep horizontal scrolling to a minimum by allowing for different devices (ipads, laptops, smartphones, desktops, etc) in different orientations (portrait vs landscape). Using these concepts of 'browser agnostic design' and 'responsive design' help maintain our intent of a pleasant viewing experience regardless of where or how you access our pages.

Look for the Swinging Rebels red SR brand in both your browser tab and bookmark list. The SR helps you easily identify our entries.
Example of the Swinging Rebels brand (i.e. the red SR in the browser tab
Example of a branded Browser Tab with a red SR

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All Rebels activities are at the Lions Club on NW10th (4135 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107). Guest and Visitors - $5.00    Members - Free
We dance MS, Plus Dance & Lines
We dance to various local callers.
Our website is www.SwingingRebelsOKC.org
We have been dancing continuously since 1960

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Come for a Swinging time with the Rebels

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